RECO Equipment is Taking Over!


RECO Equipment, based in PA, OH, and IN, is a distributor that supplies all types of construction and mining equipment. Because of the work they do, they realize that their employees health is priority number one.

Below is one of their Wednesday Wellness Blast emails that gets sent to all employees.

“CHANGE has been a fairly regular topic of conversation recently for me both personally and professionally.   I believe I share the same outlook with my cousin, who was greatly disappointed to find out this week that her military required move to Hawaii has now changed to a move to Washington DC.

She said she wished she faced change with dignity and grace, but instead was ready to go hide and cry in her now empty closet since she had sold most of her winter belongings in anticipation for Hawaii.

If you visit Belmont it is impossible to miss the CHANGE happening here!!!  Our yard has easily doubled in size, and on Monday I got to walk back behind the annex building for the first time and was just blown away by how different the landscape looks.

And this week we reached a staff number I have been wanting to see for quite a while.   We are 220 employees strong and still growing!  WOW!!!  

I recognize that with CHANGE comes uncertainty, fear of the unknown, judgment, longing for how things used to be, and I understand that.  The company turns 36 yrs old TODAY!!! We have a lot of long term employees who have seen a lot of change over the past 36 years.  The world is a different place, regulations company owners must follow are intense and constantly evolving.   We must find ways to reinvent the wheel, figure out how to improve policies/processes and make them consistent company wide, make job functions more efficient across 18 branches in 7 states…and it takes hard work and a team effort!!!  I am just really proud of our RECO/Bobcat family…I do believe what we accomplish when working together is incredible.  The sharing of different perspectives and information across the company….things I am constantly learning….I am just in awe of all of it.

Happy Birthday RECO!!!!  My new motto: “It’s always an adventure”. “