About Us (What's on the Easel?)

What's on the Easel?

The easel is where a plan comes together and is adopted. It's where we learn and develop ideas. It's one of the many ways we let clients know what's available and possible. It's where critical internal buy-in is developed. It's where we share. It's where the standard becomes the standard. It's where it all comes together.

We are real people doing our best to provide our clients real solutions. Our strategies help employers reach their goals by shifting the focus from costs to the overall well-being of their employees.

Our Board Room houses several easels displaying messages of:

  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Transparency
  • Strategies
  • Statistics
  • Market Comparisons
  • Featured Updates
  • WellAdvised Tips


At Babb, our commitment extends to both our valued employees and clients. With deep-rooted foundations and a storied history, we've seamlessly adapted to meet the demands of future strategies.

  • Goal Health

    Decrease preventable chronic disease by ensuring access to resources, knowledge and opportunities for employees to adopt healthy behaviors.

  • Goal Safety

    Implement best practices to enhance a culture of safety and reduce the frequency and severity of work place injuries and claims.

  • Goal Financial

    Walk hand-in-hand with employees and provide them with knowledge and technique to be able to optimize their retirement savings. Give participants the knowledge they need to secure a successful retirement.

The Best Are WellAdvised!

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