WellAdvised Safety


Our mission revolves around tailoring risk management solutions to safeguard against accidents, cut expenses, and enhance workplace culture. We understand that your employees represent your most prized investment, and our goal is to instill a culture of accountability that ensures every employee returns home safely at day's end.

A Q&A Session with Donna Greiner, President, BASIS

Our data and anecdotal evidence shows that it comes down to the people—employees and management. Whether it’s a lack of safety training for staff, employees not following established procedures, or poor processes implemented by management, all problems track back to the people.

Uncovering Your Hidden Safety Needs

Babb Inc. is more than an insurance broker that brings its clients the best policy options from more than a hundred carriers. Babb provides expert advice and consulting services to help prevent safety problems before a claim needs to be filed.

BASIS (Babb Absence and Safety Integrated Services) is a professional third-party claims service and safety service organization providing benefit administration, workplace safety, consulting and training that are customized for your company and industry. BASIS offers facility inspections, safety training, and reviews of safety programs.

WellAdvised Safety means we start with employee care first. We implement a 360-degree data-driven process to dramatically reduce safety and healthcare costs. Coaching your employees on proper safety procedures is the first step toward a healthier, happier, and financially cost-effective work place.


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