Community & Culture

We seamlessly integrate traditional values with innovation, creating a dynamic approach that honors traditional values while embracing cutting-edge advancements.

Established in 1911, our home office stands as a testament to a bygone era steeped in rich history and profound significance. This iconic building serves as a timeless symbol of enduring values, heritage, and tradition. While the physical structure remains unchanged, our ethos has evolved, guided by unwavering philosophies, ethics, and integrity. We embody a spirit of innovation, seamlessly blending our rich legacy with a forward-thinking approach. As we boldly stride into the future, we remain committed to honoring the legacy of those who paved the way for us while eagerly embracing the boundless possibilities of tomorrow.

Our Commitment

Our Spirit of Innovation

Babb Easel

What's on the easel?

It's where it plan comes together and is adopted. It's where we learn and ideas are developed. It's one of the many ways we let clients know what's available and possible. It's where critical internal buy-in is developed. It's where we share. It's where the standard becomes the standard. It's where it all comes together.

Puzzle Pieces

Putting the Pieces Together

"Putting the Pieces Together" isn't always a simple task. It requires dedication, patience, and comprehension. Amidst the complexities of purchasing insurance coverage, there may be significant hurdles and occasional setbacks. Balancing daily responsibilities can also pose challenges. However, we're steadfast in our commitment to streamlining this process for you. Our goal is to make it as effortless as possible for you to align all the pieces and achieve comprehensive insurance coverage.

Well Advised Checkmark


We're dedicated to fostering improvement and well-being—not just within Babb but also among our clients, customers, and the broader community. We're eager to demonstrate our commitment through action and would be thrilled to embark on this journey alongside you. Let's walk the talk together!

Implementing Our Culture in Our Community

  • Come on a tour!

Experience our way of life firsthand by taking a tour of our building. Witness how we operate and immerse yourself in our culture. It's an opportunity to truly get to know us and see what sets us apart. We look forward to welcoming you!

  • This is our way of life!

From CPR training to Allegheny West Christmas Tours, seminars to Allegheny County Medical Society board meetings, and grant recipient celebrations to L3 Leadership Meetings, our calendar is packed with diverse activities. We host amazing Steeler tailgate parties, participate in Open Doors Pittsburgh, organize fundraisers for those in need, hold flu shot clinics, support ballet performances, and host blood drives. We're actively involved in the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce, throw Pitt Panther tailgates and Fan Nation Broadcasts, promote vaccines, and tailgate for Pirates games. Through all these events, people come together to enjoy each other's company, make new connections, learn, grow, volunteer, and forge lasting relationships and friendships. It’s a Forum of Hope and Fellowship. Living life to the fullest is WellAdvised. Join Us!

  • We Embrace Diversity in All its Forms

We promote and encourage a diverse organization within our walls, welcoming individuals of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds. We firmly believe that our strength lies in our diversity, as it brings together a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and talents. In our multi-generational and multi-cultural environment, ideas are exchanged freely, creativity flourishes, and innovation knows no bounds. Each person adds their unique flavor to the tapestry of our collective identity, enriching our interactions and broadening our horizons.

Whether we share stories from different walks of life, learn from one another's experiences, or collaborate on projects that reflect our varied interests, our inclusive environment empowers us to thrive as a cohesive community. By embracing diversity in all its forms, we celebrate our differences and recognize the common humanity that unites us all. At Babb, we create a vibrant culture of belonging where everyone has a voice and a place to call home.

Connect with us!

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