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Babb, Inc. is an Insurance Brokerage Firm specializing in Employee Benefits, Commercial Insurance, Medicare, Personal Lines, and more!

Since its establishment in 1929, Babb Inc. has solidified its position as a premier independent insurance broker, third-party administrator, and consulting firm. Leveraging a distinct perspective, decades of experience, and forward-thinking business tactics, we engage with clients at their level, striving for continuous enhancement to ensure they realize the full value of their insurance programs.

  • WellAdvised Platform

WellAdvised takes pride in its meticulously tailored, user-friendly strategies aimed at aiding individuals and employers in proficiently navigating insurance risks and expenses. Our brand stands as a symbol of both people's well-being and economical solutions, dedicated to achieving optimal results for all of the stakeholders.

  • Data-directed Approach

In our Data-Directed Approach, information forms a narrative, presenting opportunities for implementing enhancements. We are committed to exerting the necessary effort to refine your processes, ultimately fostering efficiency and minimizing ownership costs.

401k Specialist

One Heck of a Participant Outcome Story

Jamie Linkowski and Russell Livingston, two advisors from Pittsburgh, show that thorough research and putting clients first can address challenges in unexpected ways.

Read, "One Heck of a Participant Outcome Story" an article from 401K Specialist. 

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