Welcome to Babb, Inc.

By clearly establishing "the purpose" of our work we have been able to link the energy of our team directly to "why" we do "what" we do. The formula has enabled our extraordinary growth and customer retention that laps industry benchmarks. The growth and retention has allowed us to enjoy and be recognized annually by insurance companies, supporting the strength created by our processes (the "how") to further develop the critically important relationship with insurance providers.

Our strategies are literally changing the game for the corporate insurance buyer through a series of well thought out strategies and a suite of products & services that are uniquely delivered. We have capabilities our competitors are not able to provide.

We work hard and will be effective in understanding you and your business in order to provide the right program. We will seek first to understand, then to be understood. We clearly understand our mission and are passionate about what we do. Satisfied clients are Babb, Inc.’s best references, and they are available to you upon request.

Thank you for visiting the Internet home of Babb, Inc. Throughout our 80+ years in business, we have established a reputation as a leading, independent insurance broker, third party administrator and consulting firm.

The success of our relationships with our insurance partners, individuals, small firms, and Fortune 500 companies has been built upon trust and a philosophy of putting the health and well being of individuals at the center of all that we do. Through a thoughtful strategic approach we are able to secure appropriate coverage at the best possible price for our clients.

With an approach that has been built with integrity at the center of all that we do, our teams will work diligently to earn and maintain your trust.

Chairman's Message

Years ago, when people asked me what BABB stood for, I told them, “a good report card… three Bs and an A; or Biggest And Best Broker”… and then smiled.

The true story is J. Donald Babb founded Babb, Inc. in 1929. The integrity that the business was based upon has been perpetuated and is the key to our 80+ years of success.

Babb, Inc. welcomes insurance problems that others say are very difficult or can’t be solved. “Man who says it can’t be done should not interrupt man doing it.” – Chinese Proverb

We will listen and then utilize our professional experience to provide solutions.

When I came from New York City in 1962 to join Don Babb, only spiders had webs and a site was a place to visit.

All changes are for the best. There are no spiders in our web but our website is a great place to visit.



Ronald B. Livingston, Sr.
Chairman and CEO

Mission Statement

Babb, Inc. is a leading independent insurance broker, third party administrator, and consulting firm headquartered in the state of Pennsylvania.

We are driven to provide the best possible solutions for our clients by controlling costs, reducing risk and implementing a strategy designed for sustainable success.

We accomplish our mission by cultivating and developing an exceptional staff and enabling their growth by providing programming that allows them to work from a position of strength and live life to the fullest by supporting them with the goal of making their health and well being a priority. We hold in the highest regard the relationships we maintain with the insurance community and those that provide services to us. We will work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our clients by being responsive and dedicated to putting their best interest first in all that we do.

Our Rich History

In 1929, Babb and Co. was founded in Pittsburgh by J. Donald Babb. He was a salesman, a leader in the business community and a gentleman. After his untimely death at age 63 in 1967, Babb, Inc. grew under a stockholders’ leadership team to a point where the Company occupied space in all four of the Gateway Buildings.

Babb, Inc. acquired the 850 Ridge Avenue property in 1969 and the operation was moved to the Northside of Pittsburgh soon thereafter. In the early 1970s, the Corporation had as many as 35 employee shareholders. By 1980, these shareholders had all been bought out under an existing Corporate Stock Retirement Agreement and since then Babb, Inc. has been owned exclusively by the Livingston family.

Babb, Inc. gained a substantial presence in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1972 when Higham, Neilson, Whitridge and Reid, a leading Philadelphia broker since 1919, was acquired. Today, our corporate offices in the eastern part of the state are located on Philadelphia’s Main Line in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Since 1980, Babb, Inc. has expanded to six operating units, two wholly owned subsidiaries and conducts business nationwide.

The Organization continues to experience steady internal growth and since 1993 we have made nine acquisitions.

Our Headquarters

“The latest of the Allegheny millionaire palaces, this house is vaguely French eighteenth century in style and is faced in Hummelstown brownstone. The ‘grand’ staircase and ‘state’ rooms are renditions of the English Renaissance styles from the Elizabethan to early Georgian. The treatment of the basement with its automobile entrance and French ballroom is extremely interesting.

William Penn Snyder (1862-1920) was associated with Henry W. Oliver in developing the Lake Superior iron ore area and he also owned the Shenango Furnace Company.”

Source: Landmark Architecture of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

The home was converted to commercial use when purchased by the Knights Life Insurance Company in 1930. In 1948, an addition was put on to the home that more than doubled the available office space. The addition was faced with Hummelstown brownstone from the same quarry to match the original home. Knights Life was acquired by the American General Life Insurance Company of Houston, TX in the early 1950s and operated as a regional home office until the property was purchased by Babb, Inc. in 1969.

The building was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976

Today, our products and services are delivered through a unique combination of the experience of the past, today's latest technology and best in class business strategies.

Our Experienced Team

One of the qualities that clearly sets us apart from our competitors is our people. At Babb, Inc. we hold the health of the individual and the health of their families in the highest regard. We do so by offering an environment that provides programing to support habits that support a healthy lifestyle. After all, when our people are at their best, we can be at "our" best in providing counsel, support, products and advice to our clients.

As trusted business advisors we are committed to applying the talent, resources and time to understand your challenges and tailor our services to meet your needs.

We LISTEN to your concerns. We have an incredible track record and superior name recognition in the insurance industry. Most importantly, the professional staff at Babb, Inc. has extensive industry experience and an on-going commitment to continuing education and are governed by extraordinary programs of internal quality control.

We are accessible --- there’s no question that you can reach us with your questions easily and get rapid, comprehensive responses. In our work with our commercial clients many members of our team have held the responsibility of the insurance buyer. We understand the everyday challenges and we make it easy for you to positively impact your costs, maximize your insurance dollar, reduce claims and protect your bottom line.

With Babb, Inc., you have access to a wealth of talented, experienced associates. We are always working to provide you with the best possible solution.