Autosoft is Taking Over!

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By: Denise Yarian, Autosoft, People and Culture Manager

Autosoft is back and working extremely hard to take the title this year as the 1st place Medium Sized Company in the Spark Pittsburgh Step Challenge.  Last year, Team Autosoft placed 2nd with an amazing team who walked 58,482,115 steps, which is over 29,000 miles!  That’s three times the amount of steps our team walked the previous year!  We are in it to win it!

Autosoft is a full-featured technology platform providing Vehicle Inventory Management, Sales and F&I, and a dealer management system (DMS) to the automotive retail industry.   Autosoft delivers world-class support and an innovative platform that drives efficiencies and profits throughout the dealership.

Autosoft is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and that is evident in the culture we live every day. We believe that to attract and retain the best employees, it is important to make work a stimulating environment where creativity and teamwork are encouraged, fun is had, mistakes are looked at as learning opportunities, and work-life balance is precious. Autosoft fosters creativity and teamwork through our many activities, benefits, and programs. We treat our team members like family and strive to provide every opportunity for satisfaction, health, and success. In return, we attract employees who bring their best to the office daily, earn our customer’s satisfaction and loyalty through hard work and innovation, and share their good fortune with each other and the communities where they work and live.

An active Wellness Committee allows employees a voice in the decision-making process. The committee meets monthly to discuss a wide array of health and wellness program ideas that are available to our onsite and remote employees. Employees’ interests, as well as documented group health concerns, serve as the basis for our programs. Workplace stress is an area that we are currently targeting with a new idea called “Take 10”. With Take 10, we’ve created stations throughout the buildings that allow employees to take a 10-minute break from their work to give their mind a rest. Stations will alternate every few weeks and include Scramble Square puzzles, traditional puzzles, paper airplane making, adult coloring books, word puzzles and Play-Doh, to name a few. The aim is that by allowing employees to de-stress throughout the workday, they’ll be happier and more productive overall. Another area that we have begun to promote recently is the company EAP.  Working closely with our local Corporate Health provider allows us to offer aid to employees and family members in need. Results from this program show that employees who seek help when needed are more relaxed and focused at work than someone who does not seek assistance in a time of crisis.

There are many components of our well-being program that are successful, well-received, and unique.  These include FREE fruit in the breakrooms daily, FREE registration for 5k events for employees plus one guest for each Team Autosoft event, company 5k awards in addition to vendor awards, onsite yoga, onsite chair massage, onsite CPR/First Aid training, and an onsite garden in the summer. Everyone looks forward to our annual health fair, held in September.  We host a variety of vendors onsite; whose services range from financial wellness to physical and emotional wellness. There is something for everyone!  At last year’s event, we even had an onsite petting zoo as part of our “stress less” zone.

Team Autosoft is committed to working together to reach our health and fitness goals.  Everyone has a different reason for walking.  For some, it’s an issue of working toward a healthier lifestyle and helping to eliminate existing health concerns.  For others, it is a fun challenge to compete in with friends.  No matter what the reason, we have all come together as a team to become a healthier group, both physically and mentally.

During the 6-week Spark Pittsburgh Step Challenge, Autosoft incorporates many other events to get employees moving and boost their participation.  Walking groups during and after work, 5k events, participation in the Tough Mudder, Krowdfit membership, Bring It challenges, and weekend 50,000 step challenges all bring together Team Autosoft on a professional and personal level.  Getting to know each other outside of work and meeting family and friends makes the milestones we reach much more rewarding.  Being a part of a team in a judgment-free zone enables us to trust our teammates and reach our full potential.  Being able to share in personal victories together is priceless.

Autosoft has received various awards for its efforts towards employee health, including the APA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award, Cigna Well Being Award(s), Healthiest Employers of Western PA, AHA Fit Friendly Worksite award, Stevie’s Award for Workplace Wellbeing, Culture Leader of The Year and Best Places to Work in PA. These awards show the commitment and dedication Autosoft has to its employees.

Our main priority is the employees and their health and safety both while at work and after they leave for the day.  Health, wellness, and safety do not stop at the front door.  We do our very best to instill a sense of pride in our employees that will carry with them wherever they go.

Ever journey, no matter how big or small, begins with one step.  We are up for the challenge!