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Getting Started

The WealthCare Portal can be accessed by navigating to the following URL: babb.wealthcareportal.com


Step 1. If this is your first time accessing WealthCare Portal, simply click the register button atop the right corner of the home screen.

Step 2. After clicking the register button, complete the registration form (as shown in the lower right below). Choose a username and password. Enter the required demographic information. You can obtain your employee ID (your employee ID is typically your SS#) and employer ID from Cora Deasy- ccd@babbins.com.

If you already have a benefit debit card, the card number can be used in place of the employer ID in the registration ID field.

Before clicking register, be sure to view and accept the terms of use.

Step 3. After successfully completing the registration form, click register. The process may take several seconds. Do not click your browser’s back button or refresh the page.

Secure Registration

Secure Authentication

The next part of the registration process involves setting up your secure authentication. This important step helps ensure your account is secure and private.

After the registration form is successfully completed, you’re prompted to complete the secure authentication setup process.

Step 1. Select security questions.

You must select four security questions and provide your secret answers. These questions are asked at random while attempt to login to the WealthCare Portal. The questions help provide an additional layer of security and help ensure only you are able access your account. Once complete, click next.

Step 2. Verify your email address.

On the next page, you’re prompted to verify your email address. Once complete, click next.

Step 3. Submit setup information.

On the next page, you’re asked to verify all of the information you’ve entered during the secure authentication process. After you’ve reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of the information, please click submit setup information.

A confirmation page displays, showing the registration process is now complete.

Your First Login

After registering, for all subsequent logins you can enter your username and click the sign in button on the home page. You are prompted to answer two of your four security questions, and then enter your password.

Checking Your Account Balances

To access a quick view of your account balances, navigate to the benefit account summary page. Each account displays in a separate tile, and provides at-a-glance details such as balance, amount spent, and important dates surrounding your account’s plan year.