The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Downtown & Business Are Taking Over!

Staff at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Downtown & Business are stepping our way through the stacks and all around the library helping people find books, magazines, media and information.


A few staff members were already comparing steps and encouraging one another to keep moving before we knew about the SparkPittsburgh Company Step Challenge.  We have been promoting healthy options in a variety of ways at work including a standing computer work station, under-desk model stationary bikes, and even signing up for staff pot-luck salad lunches.  When we learned about the Step Challenge, it wasn’t hard to jump on board and get even more staff involved.


Counting steps and staying healthy goes hand-in-hand with what we offer at the library.  The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s mission is to engage our community in literacy and learning.  There are many ways to accomplish this beyond reading a book.  We help people learn about healthy alternatives with programs like our Second Wednesday Meditation Group.  Other library locations throughout CLP also offer meditation, yoga, and walking programs to name a few – and that is just for adults!


Our children’s librarian offers a host of programs that enrich young children’s gross and fine motor skills at playful Story time programs.  Teens can get moving, grooving and laughing with classmates and neighborhood friends at Teen Time, playing games or making crafts with the help our Teen Librarian.  This positive after-school stress reliever promotes good mental health and fosters learning and socializing outside of school.  Many of our programs help get people moving and involved in their community, which aligns with our core values.


We also have consumer health information in a variety of formats and pamphlets from consumer health agencies.  CLP subscribes to health information databases that can be accessed both in the library and remotely with a library card.  We even have a Caregiver’s Backpack that can be borrowed.  It is filled with resources to help caregivers learn more about how to care for their loved ones, especially the aged, and themselves.  Just Ask a Librarian for help finding and using these resources.

We collaborate with others to bring health related programs to our library location.


  • Connections4Health (C4H) is a current, ongoing service that we host multiple times a week. C4H trains Community Health Fellows who help people bridge the gaps they have meeting their basic and health needs through referrals to social agencies.



  • We recently wrapped up the American Heart Association’s Healthy BP for All for the public and the Breaking Our Hearts: The Number 1 Threat to Women’s Health is Heart Disease presented by the Allegheny County Health Department for our staff.


Helping people achieve their goals through reading books and using computers to find information, or attending programs for hands-on learning is how we fulfill our mission, vision and values – and we get our steps in while doing it!  A win-win for sure.


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Downtown & Business

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