Step Challenge Tips to Stay Motivated

By:  Bree Leyer, M.S., EP-C


We are so excited by the enthusiasm we have seen for the SparkPittsburgh Company Step Challenge so far – and we are only a week in! Not only have we seen incredible numbers from individual companies, we are moving closer to reaching our city goal of 1 billion steps!


I’m checking in to offer some tips and advice to keep up the hard work you’ve already been putting in!


  1. Challenge a Friend, Coworker, or another Company!


Create your own challenge by friendly calling out a friend, coworker, or other company! By creating accountability, both sides are more likely to continue to aim for higher step goals rather than falling off. You can also create daily goals for each other to hit to continue to challenge each other!


*Here at Babb, Inc., I have SEVERAL individual challenges with coworkers going on simultaneously. Each time I pass (coworker) in the hall, we check in to see how many steps each of us have at that time. We are both determined to win so we continue to step up our game!


  1. Walk your Dog/Play with your Pets!


Along with stress reduction, playing with your pets or walking your dog can add steps to your daily total! Now that the weather is nice, get out and get active!


  1. Schedule Your Exercise!


By creating a regular scheduled activity, you are more likely to follow through as compared to just saying you will do the activity. Add it to your calendar and set a reminder as well!


  1. Don’t laugh too hard with this one but have a dance off!


Dancing is a great way to increase your activity and reduce your stress at the same time! Show off your dance moves, whether it’s the Sprinkler or the Twist – bring your best!


  1. Reward Yourself!


Be sure to set your own individual goals and then treat yourself with a small reward once you achieve those goals!


As of 3 PM today, we have taken a grand total of 130,203,775 steps!  We are on our way to reaching our 1 Billion Steps goal!


For more tips and suggestions, please reach out to Bree Leyer at

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