Step Challenge Check-In with Sharon

It was a slow start for me this year.  The morning of the very first day of the Challenge, I couldn’t locate my FitBit!  When I came home, my husband suggested I try synching to see if it was nearby – which it was, in my jeans pocket I threw down with the laundry. It’s now three weeks into the Challenge and I have been very, very careful where I put it if I need to take it off.  Labor Day just happened to fall over the first weekend of the challenge and the overeating I did was a real pitfall for me. I felt like I was back where I started…undoing all the healthy things I did the previous week.   I had to “get back on the horse” so to speak.


Some days I do really well surpassing my daily goal of 11,000 steps and have achieved over 16,000+ steps on one of those days; other days I just can’t seem to get above 4 bleeps on my FitBit!  Although I seem to fluctuate, I feel good about the fact that I am exercising to some degree each day.   At my age, building and retaining muscle fitness seems to be getting harder and harder…and losing weight is a real struggle.  My hypothyroid condition certainly isn’t helping me and makes me even more aware that I have to work hard to generate my own metabolism to burn off those calories.  I’m going to try to make a real effort to be consistent with my eating and exercise with the knowledge that on the days I exceed my goal it’s a huge plus for me and that a little extra effort will make a real difference in my overall health.


I’ve been checking into SparkPittsburgh just about every day….well maybe not on the weekends, as a part of my routine to keep me aware of my own progress as often as possible.  I am really excited that my company has been in first place in the “Small Company” category and I hope, with everybody’s efforts, we can continue to stay there through the end of the Challenge.  To me, this means that every single step of every single Team Member matters (even mine!) and it feels good to know that I am a part of it all and that my steps really do count.  I’m glad that I am doing the SparkPittsburgh Company Step Challenge again…it’s been a great motivation for me!

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