Step Challenge Check-In With Lisa

The SparkPittsburgh challenge is coming to end and I have mixed feelings.  I have met my 15,000-step goal almost every day.  Sometimes I finished in my PJ’s and other times I was done before dinner.  I love having a goal and I pushed my goal for 2018 to 800,000 steps and I hope to end strong.  I just broke 700,000 steps!


I had some challenges, long car rides, family obligations, and parties where it seemed all I did was eat and drink. The steps really helped equal out the bad choices.  I also had fun adding to my steps as I was asked to teach country line dancing at our Housing Conference in Seven Springs.  So, my neighbors probably think I am losing my mind as they see me dance in my PJs in my living room.  I can just imagine the looks they are giving me. My husband has also enjoyed my enthusiasm when helping him cut the grass at our home and at our camp.  I think he is secretly hoping this will continue.


When I traveled, I walked the halls of the hotel I where I was staying.  The front desk clerk stopped me to tell me that they saw me on the security cameras walking the halls and just wanted to let me know that they had an on-site gym with treadmills.  I just laughed as I didn’t want to be cooped up in a tiny gym.  I even had my maintenance staff walk the halls and stairwells with me when I inspected their buildings. Some of them joined the challenge and are in the top ten walkers. The joke at our office is, “I bet Lisa is walking behind her closed office door!”  Busted! I definitely was.  We also have some “walkers in spirit” that are cheering us on.  Team Crossgates is amazing and it is a pleasure being the spokesperson!


I have also really enjoyed the recipes and will continue to use them.  I will be trying Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken next.


My hope for everyone that joined the challenge is that they continue to exercise and find ways to be a little bit healthier each day.  Baby steps turn into giant steps at the doctor’s office!  It helps lower blood pressure, reducing or eliminating diabetes, and, for me, improving my balance for my MS.


I also want to thank Fleet Feet for fitting me with a great pair of walking/jogging shoes.  I had a habit of just buying shoes on the sales rack and dealing with the discomfort.  Well, never again for my walking/jogging shoes!  Kudos to Fleet Feet and their great staff!


I am off to Seven Springs for a three-day conference, hiking in the evenings, early am walk throughout the complex, and country line dancing!!!  Yeehaw!  800,000 steps here I come!!!!  Let’s kick it up!  We can do it!



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