Step Challenge Check-In with Jonathan

It has been a great 5 weeks in the step challenge.  I have walked and ran more steps that I did last year. Being involved with the SparkPittsburgh Step Challenge for the last 2 years has increased my awareness of how much of my day I spend being physically active.  Because of this, I continue to push myself to meet my daily goals. This is my motivation!


I have sweat more this year than last and that is the goal.  The goal is to move more, but why? What’s my reason for actively participating in this challenge and making sure I get my steps in?


My motivation has been to be there for my wife and kids.  I want to see them grow up, but I also want to run with them, play with them, learn with them, and be an example for them.  If my kids can look at me and see that I am putting my health first, then they will too, and, as a parent, you couldn’t want anything more.


If I take one more step, then I am all of these things to my family.  I have not cracked the top ten this year at Babb, as there is a thriving culture of health going on here.  It has driven our group to take one more step.  I am not any less encouraged but more motivated to get in the top ten next year.


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