Step Challenge Check-In with Jeanne

So when I was asked to be a Spokesperson for this year’s Step challenge, I believe I immediately said “no way”.  I knew September/October would be a very, very busy time for both jobs that I work and other than walking my dog, my daily routine does not usually include much exercise.  They said they wanted all types of people to represent Babb, including ones like me, because this is reality.  So I pondered, and decided maybe I would do it.  Maybe it could actually motivate me.


So I started out on the right track. I got my first Fitbit, a new pair of tennis shoes, and I was scheduling regular evenings in our office gym with co-workers to exercise together.  I was really making progress and actually started to feel good about myself. As for my steps, I am on the go all the time, but I was pretty surprised how many steps I can put in a day without “truly” exercising.


Then reality hit.  You cancel one night in the gym, then another, and before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym in 3-4 weeks.


I know this happens to a lot of us.  I almost rescheduled this blog post, because I did not have any “inspiring” pictures or stories to post.  But, this is reality.  You get busy with life and/or work and you don’t make time for YOU.


So how do I fix this?  I need to start making ME a priority.  I read that you should not cancel your scheduled exercise because you only have 15 minutes instead of an hour.  Use that 15 minutes.  You may end up finding you have more time to fit in 15 minutes of exercise several times a week instead of trying to block out 45-60 minutes twice a week.


Since “time” is always my issue that is where I am going to start, 15 minutes at a time, and see if I can get back to where I was.

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