Workplace Wellness…On Second Thought

By Jamey Bednez, Director of Health and Productivity   Let’s face it, the traditional worksite wellness approach has arguably been an abject failure.  Predominately, stimulated of the search to control health care costs and improve overall employee health, employers have poured millions of dollars into doing little more than...

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Employee Spotlight: Bree Leyer

Do you go by any nicknames? My brother-in-law calls me “Cheese” but that’s about it!   What is your role here at Babb, Inc.? I am the Health and Productivity Consultant here at Babb, Inc.   Where did you go to school? I attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst...

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SparkPittsburgh Highlight Post – CCAC

2017 was the second year that CCAC participated in the SparkPittsburgh Step Challenge, and we had good participation.  I had the opportunity to speak with our first place winner, Tracy Tooch, Adjunct, North Campus, and with David Radziercz, Adjunct, Allegheny Campus, our fifth place winner...

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