About Us

There are plenty of things we could tell you about us. We are parents, companions, volunteers, and binge coffee drinkers. We appreciate a good book, a good laugh, and good food. We love our city and Sunday night football. We are real people doing our best to provide our clients real solutions. Our strategies help employers reach their goals by shifting the focus from costs to the overall well-being of their employees.

Babb WellAdvised Platform

WellAdvised is a population management strategy that integrates optimal health, safety, and financial well-being. By integrating the health, safety, and financial well-being of your employees, Babb is able to help you keep costs down while helping to create a healthier employee population.


By applying a data-directed approach and taking the time to understand our clients, we have been successful in aligning the products and services necessary to improve the overall well-being of employees and positively impact our clients’ costs.

Goal Health:

Decrease preventable chronic disease by ensuring access to resources, knowledge and opportunities for employees to adopt healthy behaviors.

Goal Safety:

Implement best practices to enhance a culture of safety and reduce the frequency and severity of work place injuries and claims.

Goal Financial:

Walk hand-in-hand with employees and provide them with knowledge and technique to be able to optimize their retirement savings. Give participants the knowledge they need to secure a successful retirement.

The History Of BABB INC.

Our History

Donald Babb, a salesman and leader in the business community, founded Babb and Co. in 1929. After his untimely death in 1967, Babb, Inc. grew under a stockholders’ leadership team.


In 1969, Babb, Inc. acquired the William Penn Snyder mansion at 850 Ridge Avenue in the Northside of Pittsburgh, joining the historic neighborhood of Allegheny West.


Babb, Inc. began to create a substantial presence in Eastern Pennsylvania by acquiring Higham, Neilson, Whitridge, and Reid in 1972.  Today, our corporate office, in the eastern part of the state, is located on Philadelphia’s Main Line in Wayne, PA.


By 1980, Babb, Inc. was exclusively owned and operated by the Livingston family.  Since then, we have expanded to six operating units, two wholly owned subsidiaries, and we conduct business nationwide.

Building History

Since 1970, Babb, Inc.’s headquarters have been based in the old William Penn Snyder mansion located on, what was once, Millionaire’s Row in the Allegheny West neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  William Penn Snyder was in the iron ore development business in the Lake Superior area with Henry W. Oliver.  He was also the owner of the Shenango Furnace Company.


Built in 1911, it takes up the entire corner of Ridge and Galveston Avenues standing three stories high.  It was built in the 18th century French Renaissance style complete with ornate woodworking, marble fireplaces, detailed plaster, stained glass, and an exterior faced in Hummelstown brownstone.  The state rooms and the grand staircase in the entryway are more reminiscent of the English Renaissance style that was popular from the Elizabethan to the Georgian eras.


By the 1920s the house was vacant, but in 1930 was bought by the Knight’s Life Insurance Company who put an addition on the building in 1948.  The addition was faced with Hummelstown brownstone from the same quarry to match the original.


In 1976 the building was designated a National Historic Landmark.


The building contains some fascinating original architectural and technological advances that at the time were revolutionary.  It had an in house vacuum system, a working push-button elevator, air-conditioning, and a garage in the lower level containing an entrance that lead to the French style ballroom.