It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus:  How to Stay Safe on Halloween

It’s that time of year for kids to get themselves dressed up as their favorite characters and trek around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  The goal is to get as much candy as possible, but sometimes our kids forget that they need to practice safety in their hunt for the perfect candy bar.

Below, we will outline a few safety tips and tricks to keep your kids safe, healthier, and less at risk.

Make sure they are safe when walking door to door:

In the hunt for their treats, kids can oftentimes forget that the same safety cautions they practice normally need to be practiced on Halloween as well.  Make sure they know it’s very important to look both ways before crossing the street, walk and don’t run, always walk on sidewalks and in pathways, and look out for cars.

And, most importantly, children under the age of 12 should not be out at night alone without adult supervision.   

Keeping your home illuminated is important for the safety of the trick or treaters who visit your house.  Likewise, make sure to only visit homes that are well-lit and don’t go into the homes of strangers.

Costumes should be creative and safe:

Another important tip is to make sure that your child can be easily seen in their costumes.  A lot of kids’ costumes are dark and make them disappear in the night, so attach reflective tape to parts of their costumes and their trick or treat bags so drivers and other pedestrians can see where they are.

Some costumes require face and body paint so it is very important to test those before use.  Sometimes makeup has irritants in them that can cause rashes, breakouts, and other serious skin problems.  At bedtime, make sure to remove all of the makeup to avoid skin and eye irritation problems.   Once, you find face paint that works for you or your child’s skin, you might be more inclined to use that instead of a mask, which can very easily obstruct your child’s view and cause an accident.

Try to include some sort of light in their costume, like a flashlight or glow sticks, so they can see and can be seen by drivers.

When choosing your costume, it is important that it fits properly.  Costumes that are too large can cause trips and falls.

It’s time for those treats!

Candy is fun and delicious but it is important to remember that factory wrapped candy is easiest to detect if it has been tampered with. Another important tip for your kids is to make sure they know to wait until they are home to start digging in, that way, you have time to examine all of their treats, especially the homemade ones that came from strangers.

Along with that, you want to make sure that you and your kids don’t eat too much too fast. Limiting the amount of candy they can eat has multiple health benefits.

Driver’s Stay Cautious:

If you are out on Halloween night, especially between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30 PM, be extra cautious while you are driving.  Make sure to drive slower in residential areas and keep a lookout for kids walking and crossing the streets.  Always enter and exit driveways and roads carefully and make sure to look out for those kids that don’t have any reflective clothing on and are dressed in dark clothing. 

Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!

Halloween is all about having fun! Keep these tips in mind and have a safe and happy Halloween!  For more information on Halloween safety, make sure to check out the links listed below.



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