10 Infused Water Recipes to Try

Infused water has recently become a huge trend. Many people prefer a drink with some flavor, which is why we often find ourselves grabbing a sugary flavored option. However, people are finding that by infusing their water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs, they are more willing to drink water.

Deciding what to infuse with your water can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task with so many different flavor options. You have to think about flavors and combinations that appeal to your taste buds and infusing water also takes some prep time. Have no fear though, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite flavor combos and with a little bit of effort for prep, you’ll be making some great water infusion flavor combinations in no time.

  1. Strawberry & Basil – Start by picking off the green leaves on the strawberries. Once that is done cut off the tops and slice the strawberries.  The basil can either be used as a whole leaf or as torn up pieces.  2-3 big strawberries and a handful of basil is all you will need. 
  2. Lemon & Mint/Basil/Rosemary/Lavender – You will only need 2-3 slices of a lemon for this recipe. If you only use 2 slices, they can be a little thicker.  We suggest halving each slice to really get that lemony flavor into the water.  Use about 5-6 big leaves of mint or Basil which can be used as whole leaves, torn up, or muddled and the rosemary and lavender can be used whole or muddled.  Muddling your herbs will bring out more of an intense flavor from these plants.
  3. Blueberry, Lemon, & Mint – Grab a handful of blueberries and 2 slices of lemon. Halve the lemon slices and you can either put the blueberries in whole or slice them up.  If you decide to slice them up, we suggest using less blueberries.  The mint can either be used whole, halved, or muddled and you can use 5-6 large leaves.
  4. Blackberry & Mint/Basil – Take a handful of blackberries and either 5-6 leaves of your mint or basil and place them in your bottle, pitcher, or infuser.
  5. Grapefruit & Mint/Rosemary – Grapefruit is a bit trickier. You can both take the rind off of the whole thing and slice it up like an orange or you can leave the rind on and still slice it up like an orange.  If using mint, it can used whole, halved, or muddled and rosemary would be best if muddled and 5 big leaves work best.
  6. Blackberry, Raspberry, & Basil – Take a handful or blackberries and raspberries and keep a handful basil whole and you will get a great berry flavored water with a twist.
  7. Cucumber, Lemon, & Mint – When slicing your cucumber, skin it first, use 3-4 cucumber slices and halve them for the best taste. Use 2 slices of lemon, halved, and a handful of mint leaves, whole, to complete the recipe.
  8. Blackberry, Lemon, & Lavender – Start off with a handful of blackberries and 2 slices of lemon, halved. Finish off with a few sprigs of lavender, how many is up to you depending on how lavender flavored you would like it.  If you want a stronger lavender taste, muddle the leaves.
  9. Cucumber & Basil – First, skin your cucumber. Then, slice off 4-5 pieces and halve them.  You can use a handful of basil leaves either whole, halved, or muddled, depending on your preferences.
  10. Lemon, Raspberry, & Rosemary – Use 2 slices of lemon, halved, a handful of raspberries, and a few springs of rosemary in your bottle, pitcher, or infuser. If you like a stronger rosemary flavor, muddle it before you put the raspberries and lemon in the container.
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