Health Threats from High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure- What is it? The pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels

High blood pressure threatens your health and quality of life

In most cases, the damage done by high blood pressure (HBP, or hypertension) takes place over time. If it is left uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to:

  • Stroke — High blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the brain to clog more easily or even burst.
  • Heart attack — High blood pressure damages arteries that can become blocked and prevent blood flow to the heart muscle.
  • Vision loss — High blood pressure can strain or damage blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Heart failure — The increased workload from high blood pressure can cause the heart to enlarge and fail to supply blood to the body.
  • Kidney disease or failure — High blood pressure can damage the arteries around the kidneys and interfere with their ability to filter blood effectively.
  • Sexual dysfunction — High blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction in men or lower libido in women. 
  • Angina — Over time, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease or microvascular disease (MVD). Angina, or chest pain, is a common symptom.
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD) — Atherosclerosis caused by high blood pressure can cause a narrowing of arteries in the legs, arms, stomach and head, causing pain or fatigue.

To help address this concern, Babb, Inc. is proud to offer Check. Change. Control., an evidence-based wellbeing and blood pressure management program from the American Heart Association.  This educational program focuses on simple changes you can make to improve your overall wellbeing.

All companies are encouraged to sign up regardless of whether they have high blood pressure or not! 

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