Happy Financial Planning Month

Did you know that October is National Financial Planning Month?  As October starts winding down, we thought to remind you how important it is to start saving for the future.

Today we are giving you a few of our favorite tips and tricks to save a few dollars here and there. You know, for rainy days or that vacation you’ve been dying to take.

Drop that spare coin in a jar.  Most of us will either spend that, lose it, or let it sit some place where it won’t be able to accumulate into anything.  By putting all of your loose change into a jar or piggy bank, you are stopping yourself from frivolously spending it on things you don’t really need.

Try a subscription service.  Are there certain items that you buy over and over again?  With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, you are able to set up a subscription for five or more products to be delivered to your front door on your monthly delivery date.  You can order food, everyday home products, beauty products, and much more through this service.  The best part is that you get free shipping with your Amazon Prime account and the products you subscribe are even more discounted than what you can get at the store.  All you have to do is set up your subscription and save money each month.  To learn more about the program, you can click here.

Cut the cord.  If you find yourself mostly watching monthly subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video, you can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year by getting rid of your cable.  Most television shows can be streamed these days anyways, so you won’t really be missing out on anything.

Got a $5 bill?  At the end of each day, check your wallet.  If you have any $5 bills, put those in your change jar or piggy bank, and you might find a few hundred dollars at the end of the year, or if you’re lucky, you might have a few thousand.  That will definitely buy yourself a nice vacation, a down payment for a new car, or a night out on the town.

Stop buying groceries at major grocery chains.  There are a ton of discount grocery outlets that have really great products at severely bargain prices.  There are plenty of new Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s nationwide that offer great food and products at low prices, saving you hundreds every month.  One caveat if you are a name brand buyer, is that they mostly sell their own line of products and don’t offer the major name brands. This allows them to keep their costs lower while still offering quality products. Next time you grocery shop, try checking out your local discount chain, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

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