10 Tips for Staying Fit While At Work

  1. Take the steps. Work on the second, third, or fourth floor? Take the steps rather than the elevator. You’ll burn calories and add steps to your daily recommended count of 10,000 steps per day.
  2. Walk on your lunch break. Speaking of steps, why not use a portion of your lunch break to take a walk? If they weather is nice, head outside for a quick walk around the block and soak up some of that Vitamin D.
  3. Request a standing desk. If your office space allows, request a standing desk. Research is now showing that sitting for long periods of time throughout the day can be as damaging to your health as smoking. A standing desk will help you to move more throughout the day, burn more calories, and can even help improve posture.
  4. Stretch at your desk. Don’t have a standing desk? Take a few minutes throughout the day to stretch activating muscles that might remain dormant throughout the work day.
  5. Skip the coffee creamer. Difficult I know, especially with tempting flavors like chocolate toffee truffle and sweet peppermint mocha but skipping the creamer can save on calories and added sugar. Can’t drink your coffee black? Try adding cinnamon to your coffee for a healthy kick of flavor.
  6. Keep reminders of your goal. If you’re anything like me, you probably have post-it notes littering your workspace. Keep one, in sight, of either your fitness goal or your fitness mantra. This will help keep you motivated when you’re tempted to reach into that sabotaging snack drawer. Which leads us to number 7…
  7. Bring snacks. When hunger inevitably strikes, be ready with snacks you have already portioned and prepared.
  8. Pack your lunch. Eating out can pack on hundreds of additional calories. Save calories and money by bringing your lunch into work.
  9. Utilize the buddy system. Find a coworker with similar goals as you. You can encourage one another to stay on track.
  10. Take advantage of onsite wellness offerings. Some employers offer different programs to help employees on their health and wellness journeys whether it’s an onsite gym, discounts for memberships to local gyms, healthy snack options, or a full wellness program. Take advantage of these offerings as they can assist and keep you on track.
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