Benefits Job Seekers Are Looking For

Today, job seekers are looking at more than just what their annual salary will be when accepting a new position at a company.  Don’t get me wrong, compensation plays a major role in helping a candidate decide if they will accept a job or not. However, today’s potential new employees are looking at what other types of benefits a company can offer to them.  We have compiled a list of some of the most asked about and wanted benefits job seekers are looking for.

  1. Flex time/Telecommuting: Many of today’s young professionals are seeking companies that will allow them flexibility in their schedules. This allows employees to find balance with their work life and personal life; especially for those caring for children or family members.
  2. Vacation/Time Off:  How many days do you offer employees for vacation?  Do you offer maternity and/or paternity leave?  Similar to flex time and telecommuting, vacation and time off are important benefits to employees. Many potential employees will want to start with some time off and then have the ability to accrue. Another way to entice potential employees is to offer a buyback or roll over program. This allows employees to either bank their unused time off or sell it back to their employer for extra pay.
  3. Wellness Programs are a way for employers to offer incentives for their employees to stay healthy while helping to keep healthcare costs lower.  These can include: Gym Memberships, Healthy Lunches/Nutritionist, Health Conscious Challenges, and Retirement/Financial Services.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities allow employees to belong to something larger than just their company.  It gets them out into their communities to lend a helping hand which gives them a sense of purpose that is more than just their 40 hour a week job. Studies have also shown that young professionals want to work for employers that have a cause. By establishing a corporate giving or community service program, you might catch the eyes of some young talent.
  5. Tuition Reimbursement/Continuing Education:  With the skyrocketing cost of education, many potential employees are looking towards employers to help pay for their schooling. While paying for an employee’s entire program may not be feasible for every company, offering some assistance to help pay back loans could be another enticing alternative. Employees invest of a lot of their time at work, they want to know that the company they work for is willing to invest in them.
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