Benefit Enrollment in a Digital Age

One of my favorite things about the digital revolution has been the streamlining of tedious tasks. Who else cringes when someone asks you to fill out forms in the antiquated pen and paper style?  I do, which is why I was very excited to learn that my company was moving to the Maxwell Health platform.

Maxwell is an online employee benefits enrollment portal that eliminates the need for hard copy enrollment forms. Similar in format to Amazon, Maxwell allows me to handpick my benefits online and place them in a “shopping cart”.  With this system, I am able to select from individual benefits or from premade benefit bundles.  Once the benefits have been chosen, I click on my shopping cart to “check out”.

One of the key features of Maxwell that I personally liked was that I have access to the Maxwell portal at any time to review my plans. Maxwell also comes with an app that houses your digital insurance card. With the app, I no longer have to carry additional cards around but rather, have them at my fingertips. I can pull them up whenever I need them.

Online enrolling makes for an easier, simplified, and more efficient process. For more detailed information on Maxwell check out their website here.

Maxwell Health is a service product that Babb, Inc. offers to Group Benefit clients. If you are a client of Babb, Inc. and want to know more about Maxwell Health please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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